Lilli- tube yarn


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Lilli is a round and neat cotton ribbon made from recycled cotton. It is excellent for crocheting and is very popular for crocheting into mats and baskets. Lilli is about 7 mm wide when laid flat on the table.
Note: colour variations between different dye lots occur, products from different lots may vary. The cotton ribbon shrinks about 15-20% in the wash. We therefore recommend to wash and dry the yarn before use to minimize the disadvantages of shrinkage.
recycled cotton
80% cotton, 20% other fibres
approx. 1 kg/roll
approx. 220 m/roll
crochet hook 7mm-9mm
needles 15mm-25mm

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Paino 1 kg

1 bleached, 2 undyed, 3 beige, 4 light brown, 5 chocolate, 7 yellow, 8 orange, 9 mint, green, 11 dark green, 12 coral red, 13 dark rose, 14 red, 15 wine red, 16 light grey, 17 grey, 20 black, 24 dark beige, 25 dark grey, 31 fuchsia


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