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Material: 80 % recycled cotton, 20 % polyester
Roll: approx. 1 kg
Crochet hook: 7-10 mm
Washing instructions: 30°C with delicate wash, do not tumble-dry, dry flat on a surface that allows air to circulate

Chunky Twine Paulina is especially suitable for macramé technique. It can also be used for crochet and weaved interior textiles. Paulina is a thick cordlike yarn made from recycled cotton, mixed with polyester for added durability. The material for Paulina comes from recycled cotton, which is sorted by colors and then mixed to create all the shades we have available. This clever process quarantees that there is no need to dye the yarn during the manufacturing of Paulina, which saves energy and water.

Note: color variations between different dye lots occur and products from different lots may vary, due to the use of a recycled material.

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Paino 1 kg

51 valkoinen, 52 luonnonvalkoinen, 67 harmaa, 70 musta, 73 pellavanbeige, 78 tummanharmaa


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